Board of Directors

2017/2018 Board of Directors
  • President: Cathy Pye
  • Vice President: Crystal Weese
  • Treasurer: Kim Clement
  • Secretary: Martin Campbell
  • Co- Test Chairs: Crystal Weese & Amy Cameron (
  • Coaches Rep: Kandis Kelly
  • Ice Director: Amy Cameron
Directors Jennifer Dorland, Melissa Maybee, Lindsay Dunkley, Kelly Power, Mandy Harron, Heather Tobey, Leah Courneyea, Lorie Baird, Charlene Lord

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Roles and Responsibilities of the Board and Executive Committee

  • The overall general good management of the club
  • Acts within the meaning of The Ontario Business Act
  • Ensure that the Club acts in a professional and businesslike manner
  • Negotiate ice requirements
  • Review schedules for approval by the Board
  • Set fees for skating schools
  • Liaise with other directors and chairpersons
  • Prepare contracts
  • Review policies and procedures
  • Enforce rules and regulations
  • Deal with bad accounts
  • Prepare recommendations for the Board
  • Sit on various committees
  • Acquisition of equipment
  • Oversee, assist and guide Directors of the Club Treasurer (in addition to the above)
  • Budget development and control
  • Financial reports to be presented to Board of Directors on a monthly basis
  • Sign cheques with one member of the Executive Committee
  • Ensure the books of the club are ready for the annual audit. Meet with the auditors at the conclusion of the audit to discuss the report and any concerns
  • Makes recommendations to the Board on the selection of an auditor each year

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