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Lindsay Newbery

NCCP Level: Level 1/Primary StarSkate certified St. Johns Ambulance First Aid and CPR CEP Status : Gold
Coaching Philosophy
It is through my love of this sport that I provide a safe and enjoyable skating environment for every skater I work with. I am truly dedicated to each one of my students and it is my goal to help them achieve every one of their dreams. I want all of my skaters to become well-round athletes and people in a positive learning atmosphere. It is my duty to help them maintain their passion for the sport while providing knowledge, good technique, and hard work to help them become the best skater they can be.
Personal Skating Achievements
Novice Competitive Singles Test Gold Freeskate Gold Dances Gold Skills 1994 Pre-Preliminary EOSIC Champion 1995 Preliminary EOSIC Champion 1996 Juvenile Sectional Champion 2-Time All Ontario Competitor in Preliminary and Gold Freeskate Pre-Novice Divisional Competitor Accepted into the Talent Identification Program for Numerous Years Trained under some of the best coaches in Ontario
Coaching Experience : 10 yrs Attended the 2013 National Coaching Convention Have attended numerous Coaching Seminars learning from some of the Best coaches: Christy Krall, Pasquale Camerlango, Lindon Johnson, Manon Parron, Bob Emerson, Josee Choinard, Doug Leigh, Michelle Leigh, Elisabeth Manley, Robert O'Toole, Darlene Joseph, Sandra Bezic etc. Coached Skaters into the Jumpstart Program and into Finals at EOSIC Coach skaters from Canskate to Gold Levels
Rates Available for Interpretive Choreography Private Student Availability : Please Email or Call
    Kandis Kelly Photo

Kandis Kelly

NCCP Level 1 Certified Startskate trained and Certified CPR class c
 Professional Skating Success: 
Triple Gold (dance, skills, interpretive) Jr.silver Freekate Bronze interpretive couples
 Coaching successes and Career:
Skate Canada professional coach since 2006 Coached skaters from Pre-Canskate to Gold level. Had skaters compete and place at EOSIC and Skate Ontario Provincial Championships Level. Relevant Eduction: Diploma in Early Childhood Education Algonquin College June 2010 Bachelors of Sociology Degree Athabaska University June 2012
Available to teach Advance Canskate and Starskate.
$9.25/15 min individual $4.75/15 min semi private with one other skater $3.25/15 min group with two other skaters

Leah Courneyea

NCCP level 2 certified singles St. John's ambulance I have 19 yrs of coaching experience, during this time I have taught across Canada. I have furthered my education and knowledge by attending numerous Coaching Seminars and online learning modules, learning from high level coaches such as Doug Lee, Karen Preston, Ravi Walia, Joanne McLeod, Manon Parron, Elisabeth Manley, Robert O'Toole and many more. I have personally coached skaters from pre-Canskate on to pass the Gold test Levels in starskate and competitively taken skaters to the provincial level.
 Personal Achievements Gold Freeskate Novice competitive Gold interpretive Gold skills Competitive class 1 skills Gold Dances Diamond Dances Gold creative dance
$12.00/15 min. I am available in all disciplines for private, semi-private and group lessons.

Charlene Lord

Phone: 705-653-6390
Coaching Philosophy
For me skating became a passion at a very young age that I thankfully have passed on to both of my children. I accomplished many things in the sport but realized more than anything I wanted to share my knowledge of skating with a new generation. There are few things that give me greater pleasure than seeing a young child’s eyes light up when they hit the ice. I truly believe that shaping young minds with hard work, dedication, perseverance, respect and self-confidence will shine through each and every one making them successful at anything they put their minds to throughout their lifetime. Qualifications Professionally coaching since 1998 Coached students from Preliminary to Gold NCCP Level 1 / Primary Starskate Certified Canskate Certified Canpowerskate Certified First aid and CPR Personal Achievements Completed Gold dances Silver Interpretive Fourth figure (Senior silver skills) Junior Bronze Freeskate Coaching Availability Monday 6:30-8 Wednesday 5-7 Friday 5-7 Occasional Saturdays 12-1
Nicole Martin Phone: 613-922-0621 Email:
Coaching Level/Qualifications: Certified Regional Coach - Star Level 1 certified Level 2 technical and theory Level 3 technical and theory Gold free and Gold dances Diploma from Seneca College in Advanced Figure Skating Coaching Techniques. Loyalist College - Recreation Leadership Coaching Philosophy/ Success as a coach: My coaching philosophy is no matter what level the skaters are at I want to make sure they are having fun while learning. As a coach my practices are up-tempo with a lot of discipline. My expectations are high but also realistic. I encourage skaters to learn and develop their skills on and off the ice. Coaching Availability: Monday, Wed, Friday and Saturday Avail for Canskate to Starskate Private or group lessons

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