Test Days

  As Skaters progress throught the StarSkate Program, skaters will take tests sanctioned and Judged by Skate Canada. The Test Days are set up within the club and Test Grouping, so there are muiltple chances for testing to happen. Skaters may try Freeskate, Dance, Skills and Interpretive tests. For More information, please talk to your coach or our Test Chair, Crystal Weese. The following is the Levels each Test Days may hold. Low Test Days : Preliminary, Jr.Bronze, Sr.Bronze High Test Days : Jr.Silver, Sr. Silver, Gold and All Interpretives   Test Day Fees Each skater will be responsible for all costs associate with testing. This includes Skate Canada Fees, Ice costs, and hospitality fees imposed by the clubs hosting the test day. ALL FEES MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE A SKATER IS ALLOWED TO TRY THEIR TESTS.  

Results 2016/2017

High Test Day : March 12, 2107 Makaela Bell – Intro Interpretive Chloe Amos – Viennese Waltz Jennifer Pye – Killian Adal McCauley – Jr. Silver Elements Emily Lay – Jr. Silver Elements Victoria Frowen – St. Silver Elements March 29, 2017 Jennifer Pye – Paso Chloe Amos – Quickstep Olivia Lord - Quickstep   Low Test Day : January Ava Cameron – Star 1 FreeSkate Grace Tobey – Star 1 Skating Skills Sophia Power – Star 1 Skating Skills Reanna Harron – Willow Waltz Tenly Courneyea – Star 1 FreeSkate Holden Courneyea – Star 2 FreeSkate Program February Grace Tobey – Canasta Tango Ella Warner – Canasta Tango Sarah Campbell – Star 1 Dance Ava Cameron – Baby Blues March Reanna Harron – Star 2 FreeSkate Elements & Program Chelsea Langley- Smith – Dutch Waltz, Star 1 FreeSkate, Star 1 Skating Skills Emma Langley- Smith – Dutch Waltz, Star 1 FreeSkate, Star 1 Skating Skills Kylee Maybee – Star 1 Skating Skills Lauren Dorland – Star 1 Skating Skills Tenly Courneyea – Dutch Waltz Maici McBride - Star 1 Skills and Star 1 Dances

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